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Welcome to Her Texas! The first-female focused ecosystem for women that live, work and build epic things in Texas.

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From Austin to Denton, El Paso to Rowlett and Lubbock to Laredo, every working woman in Texas deserves an opportunity to prosper and thrive, no matter what her zip code is.

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Our mission is to increase communication, collaboration and community for women in Texas.

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Whether you're a current resident, new to Texas or an organization looking to support women, we have a little something for everyone.

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Strategically partner with an organization that represents a state of 15 million women strong and counting...

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Our Facebook Community is a safe space for women that live, work and do business in Texas to connect, get resources, collaborate and navigate the state.

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Professional women in Texas have an organization that meaningfully connects them to opportunities, resources and to other women around the state. Founded in 2019, Her Texas was created to address the connectivity challenges faced by women that live, work and do business in the state of Texas. We recognize that Texas’ size is both a challenge and an opportunity.