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Wicks & Wonder

Meet The Founder: Jackie Casiano

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet Wicks & Wonder Candle Co.!

Tell us about your business!

JC: Wicks & Wonder Candle Co. is my small batch candle business. I make hand-poured candles and home fragrances with the environment in mind. My candles are made of domestically grown soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances, essential oils and eco-friendly materials. All of my candle jars are reusable and shipping material is plastic-free. My target customer is eco-conscious and appreciates simple yet effective home fragrances that will enhance the space.

How did you decide to start your biz?

JC: I started to make my own candles because could never find any that would burn correctly or the fragrances would give me a headache. I investigated the process of how candles are made and the different varieties of wax, fragrance oils and dyes. In my process, I learned that most big brand candles are mass-produced with profit in mind, not quality ingredients. Once I had an understanding of what kind of candle I wanted as a consumer, I started testing with empty pasta jars until I was happy with the result. I love that my candles are made with quality in mind and still affordable. I am a small business owner, but I am a maker first and always keep my customers’ experience in mind with everything I make. 

Who inspires you?

JC: My inspiration started with my own curiosity. The name Wicks & Wonder is based on the idea that you can have practicality (Wicks) and curiosity (Wonder). I also get inspiration from other small business owners and the community I’ve found with this experience, specifically, other woman-owned businesses. I’ve met so many incredibly talented women on my journey and they inspire me with new ideas or by having someone to relate with.

What’s next for your business?

JC: At the moment, my goal is to reach my regular customers on a consistent basis. I would love to be featured in a local shop with likeminded makers and creators. I would also love for Wicks & Wonder to expand on home fragrance options like diffusers or travel products.

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