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Royal Kneads

Meet The Founder: Inez Rodriguez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet Royal Kneads!

Tell us about your business!

IR: Royals Kneads is a custom sugar cookie business designed to display art in mini, edible creations. I make, bake and create custom, decorated sugar cookies. All cookies are made to order from scratch. I also teach cookie decorating classes! Each class is designed to be an instructional, step-by-step learning experience yet fun and exciting with themes geared around holidays and pop culture. I teach private one-on-one lessons, kids parties and have now expanded my classes to corporate events. (I will be teaching my first virtual event to a luxury apartment homes corporation for all of their residents across the country!) I also have created my own No Spread NoChill Sugar Cookie Cut Out Recipe which is available for purchase on my website. I sell cookie decorating kits, gift sets and more. Art is geared for all and an outlet for creativity, therefore my target audience has no limits!

How did you decide to start your biz?

IR: I wasn’t looking to start a business. It started out as just a hobby and love for art and creativity. Once I posted my first set of Christmas cookies on social media though, it spiraled from there. In 2018, I entered into the Dallas Morning News Holiday Cookie Challenge where I was a finalist in my second year of decorating! I taught classes at a local cake supply store and left during the pandemic. From then, I wanted to continue teaching so I decided to form my own classes.

Who inspires you?

IR: My Grandma, who has now passed, was a baker and decorated beautiful cakes for all occasions. When I was little, I would go and visit her in San Antonio. I remember flipping through her photo albums (she had these to show her customers her work) and being in awe of her lavish cake designs, including quinceañera cakes (back in the day they had stairs and fountains in their designs). She inspired me to bake. It was in my genes I guess!

What’s next for your business?

IR: I would like to expand my cookie decorating classes and hold them more often. Once Covid is more under control and corporations go back to work, I would love to do team building events with cookie decorating classes. My dream is also to have my own line or brand of baking supplies and products.

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