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One Bold Babe

Meet The Founder: Alexis Cruz

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet One Bold Babe

Tell us about your business!

AC: One Bold Babe offers one-of-a-kind custom, handmade creations made from resin such as keychains, trinket trays, coasters and etc. Whether it be a gift for a friend/ loved one or simply just for yourself, our pieces can be customized and personalized. They are perfect for the bold chica that loves color and isn’t afraid to express herself.

How did you decide to start your biz?

AC: My name is Alexis Cruz and I’m 24 years old and was born and raised in Dallas, TX. I was a dancer for 10 years. I love dancing and always had a creative side which came from my mom. She’s also a small business owner and a huge inspiration to me. Without her, I wouldn’t have turned my hobby into a business. The inspiration for One Bold Babe came from seeing a video of resin bookmarks, admiring how cute they were. I remember showing my mom the video and her telling me, “You can make these. I have the stuff.” I learned off of YouTube how to mix your resin and more information about it. For fun, I started making bookmarks for family members and then moved on to dog tags. As I started to get more requests, I began to make different and fun creations.

Who inspires you?

AC: My mom was a big inspiration because without her big push to start using resin, One Bold Babe wouldn’t be here today.

What’s next for your business?

AC: With 2022 in the near future, I plan to bring bigger creations to the shop and learn how to preserve flowers. My goal is to improve my social media and focus on making fun and enjoyable content.

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