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Olivia’s Boutique

Meet The Founder: Olivia Hernandez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet Olivia's Boutique!

Tell us about your business!

OH: We are a women’s clothing and accessory boutique located in Dallas. We provide local delivery as well as pickup. We want to normalize confidence in every shape and size ❤️.

How did you decide to start your biz?

OH: Since the age of 17 I have always worked. In 2019 my husband and I decided that it was the best time for me to be a mom and attend to our children, but then the pandemic hit. It was very depressing. I started letting myself go. After some time, I began fixing myself up with a little bit of makeup, putting on a cute top and realized how much those little things made such a big difference. I realized that sometimes all women really need is a cute outfit to feel great! That’s when I decided to open an online boutique and provide cute outfits that can help us boost our confidence.

Who inspires you?

OH: All the hardworking women out there.

What’s next for your business?

OH: I would love to see my business grow and be very well known. Eventually, I’d like to open a retail storefront to provide a better experience for my customers.

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