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Welcome to Her Texas! The first statewide membership organization for female founders that live, work and do business in Texas.

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Meet The Founders: Amy Ruiz and Irene Trevino

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet MeadowMade!

Tell us about your business!

MM: We offer a variety of eco-friendly, handmade goodies from cold process soaps to shower steamers. We want to reach everyone, not just the typical customer who is already in the journey of exploring natural, handmade products. We’re looking for the individual who never thought of exploring products made from earth’s natural ingredients. Our products are kind to the environment and our skin.

We love creating, making and perfecting our craft. We will never offer any product that we would not use on ourselves or our loved ones. We offer only the best quality for our customers.

How did you decide to start your biz?

MM: My partner and I began transitioning into all natural products last year. We originally began making products for ourselves. As we progressed into a variety or products, we started to gift the products to our family and friends. We received so much positive feedback from everyone that we realized we needed to explore this journey further. All we had was a small budget and a dream. Fast forward one year later and here we are getting ready to launch our website that offers sustainable products and lifestyle!

Who inspires you?

MM: Our inspiration is to enjoy ourselves creating recipes that benefit our customers and do not harm our earth.

What’s next for your business?

MM: We have a website launch soon which we’re really excited about. In the future, we would love to partner with organizations that help the youth learn the importance of our environment.

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Her Texas is on a mission to shine a light on the diverse female founders that make Texas great. Meet this local founder and others just like her at the Social Chica Pop Up Event! To learn more about the Her Texas movement and get involved here.