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MAD Boutique

Meet The Founder: Michaelle De La Torre

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet MAD Boutique!

Tell us about your business!

MT: MAD Boutique is a social media and e-commerce platform. We are dedicated to curating the hottest and newest trends for women. I started MAD Boutique with a clear vision to transcend trends that would be loved for seasons to come.

Mad means to be angry and when I think of an angry person I think about the many people who have been angry at me for no other reason, but due to the hate they have in their heart and/or just being pure envious. We can’t control how others feel about us. Not everyone will like us. So, when I say “let’s make them mad” it’s a movement. It means let’s give them a real reason to make them mad. When you wear MAD Boutique every stare will be focused on you. We are about having fun, being edgy while still keeping it classy for the boss babes. MAD Boutique is inspired by strong, working, independent women of all ages, colors and sizes. If you are looking for the perfect outfit, we’ve got you covered.

How did you decide to start your biz?

MT: As a little girl, I always dreamed of having my own clothing line. Something about fashion just intrigued me at such a young age, but as time passed and the older I became, I soon realized that I couldn’t draw or sew and felt like I was far away from being like Versace, YSL, and so on; it was just something that I wouldn’t be able to compare myself to. I gave up on that dream, but as time continued to pass, I found myself in Los Angeles with so many boutiques around. A light bulb shined above me and I realized at that moment that I found my way in, the way to continue my dream while also being affordable and trendy at the same time. I flew back to Dallas and wasted no time doing A LOT of research on how I could begin this process, And before you knew it, I launched MAD Boutique. I am so happy to have continued the dream that little Michaelle wanted so badly.

Who inspires you?

MT: The boutiques in LA that helped me realize that I could make my own dreams come true were Sorella and House of CB; both located on Melrose Ave in California, next to dozens of other boutiques.

What’s next for your business?

MT: A goal for MAD Boutique is definitely to start a collection with my own designs. I still can’t draw or sew, haha, but honestly, as long as you have a vision and know what you want with trial and error, what you think is impossible can be totally possible!

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