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Castillo De Flores

Meet The Founder: Daniela Castillo Vazquez

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet Castillo De Flores

Tell us about your business!

DV: Castillo De Flores is a Latina-owned flower business based in Dallas,Texas that aims to remind others to always keep blooming by providing fresh and memorable creations. All arrangements ranging from flower filled baskets, ollas de barro, vases, bouquets and more are made with genuine care. Aside from flower arrangements, Castillo De Flores also has merchandise available such as screen printed tote bags, shirts and art. The hope is to reach individuals who are interested in supporting a small business whose goal is to give back to the community. Castillo De Flores is geared towards social entrepreneurship.

How did you decide to start your biz?

DV: I am a 20 year old Latina and beyond grateful for the chance to run my own small business! The idea to start Castillo De Flores blossomed after I found myself struggling in college. Last October, I left my first relationship after being cheated on multiple times then three days later one of my friends passed away from cancer. From that day on it was like a switch flipped in my mind. I was on autopilot amid midterms, essays, classes and work shifts (I had 2 jobs). The world doesn’t stop despite whatever you’re going through so I had to learn to sway against the current. I started doing anything I could to feel better and soothe the grief and heartache like studying outside of my dorm, taking evening walks just to feel the sun on my skin and starting a podcast that collects stories of hope called Angel Moments. At some point through my journey of healing, I decided to take a leap and start Castillo De Flores after a great friend encouraged me to do so after I made her a small flower basket since she too was going through a dark time.

I was 16 when I started working with flowers; I would make small arrangements for family, friends and La Virgencita. My love for flowers intensified after I found them therapeutic to work with while I went through some tough times. I was scared to start Castillo De Flores since I was unsure if my work would attract anyone and I doubted my skills since I’m self taught, but I realized that I had nothing to lose and it could be a small hobby so I made my instagram page and started uploading my past work. I remember feeling so happy when I reached 30 followers and beyond excited when I reached 80. I kept hoping for at least one order as I carried a small bag filled with essential flower supplies in-between my stays from school at Denton to my home in Dallas. It’s been six months since then and it blows my mind to see how much Castillo De Flores has flourished. The flower business means so much to me because flowers bloom and grow much like people even after the most difficult times.

Who inspires you?

DV: All Latina-owned businesses are inspiring to me in some form or another. However, two Dallas-based businesses in particular that give me hope and motivation are Cocoandre Chocolatier and Talking Out of Turn. I enjoy seeing how much the businesses have grown and seeing their success is a beautiful reminder that anything is possible with grit and determination.

What’s next for your business?

DV: By 2022, I hope to average more sales and enhance the presence of Castillo De Flores within the community. I want to expand my services to include event decor and floral workshops in hopes of gaining more growth for the business. Additionally, I hope to have a running YouTube channel where I can stay connected with supporters. I want to focus on saving as much as possible so I can open my own shop someday and employ survivors of domestic violence so they can be financially empowered, gain skills for their resumers, and have a safe space while they are rebuilding their lives.

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