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A.M.E. Designs

Meet The Founder: Alicia Echavarría

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we're introducing you to some of Texas' incredible Latina entrepreneurs. Meet A.M.E. Designs!

Tell us about your business!

AE: I create custom tie-dye socks, shirts and sweatshirts. I also do custom embroidery on sweatshirts, blankets and other items.

How did you decide to start your biz?

AE: Like most people I started my business during quarantine. Tie-dye socks were in and I loved playing around with the different colors and designs that I could make with each sock. No two socks are the same. You could use the same blue and green on one sock and the same blue and green on the other sock and they will still come out looking very different, but match perfectly. After doing tie-dye socks, I moved to doing shirts, sweatshirts as well as finding shirts to re-design them by bleaching them. Around Christmas of 2020, I started thinking of other ways I could grow my business. I knew tie-dye would not be in style forever so I wanted to think of something that everyone would always need or want. I finally started researching embroidery. I know from personal experience it can be kind of intimidating to go to a big company and ask them to embroider on one small thing.

I wanted people to feel comfortable enough to say hey I just want this blanket embroidered or hey I just want this sweatshirt embroidered and not have to go through a big company and just be able to support small business. I decided to buy a embroidery machine, started getting all of my supplies and began watching YouTube videos on how to work the machine. Before I knew it, I was making blankets, sweatshirts and t-shirts and I started to love it. Everyone loves personalization and I feel embroidery really helps make things personalized and special and it’s never gonna go out of style.

Who inspires you?

AE: I have a few people that inspired my business. First was my grandmother Nina who used to sew blankets and dresses for me and my cousins. She had such a creative side when it came to sewing. She definitely knew how to work her way around a sewing machine and could do so much with just a needle and thread. Her creations made people feel so special which is why I think I create; to make people feel special. I’m also inspired by other women and mothers. I have a three old son, work a full-time job, own my small business and do all of the things I can to take care of my family.

I see women every day that are in the same position I am and they work so hard to be successful. They remind me that although I am a mother and have a full-time job, I can still have my small business and be successful, happy and not lose myself and what I want. Finally, I’m inspired by my son. My son inspires me to want to be a better person every day for him, for myself and for my family. He inspires me to want to do the things I love and to remember that although I am a mother that’s not all that I am. My small business isn’t just a small business to me. It reminds me that I can have hobbies and do things I love.

What’s next for your business?

AE: My goal for 2022 is to have a website where people can buy custom tie-dye or custom embroidery and directly send me orders of what they might want. I also want to offer another service that also makes custom items. When you support a small business you’re supporting somebody’s dream. You are telling that person that you believe in them and that you believe in their creativity and you like their creativity. Sometimes being a small business owner isn’t easy, but between all of the chaos in our lives it is such a great outlet for some of us. I love making personalized items for people and that it makes people feel special when they receive those items. 

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