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Welcome to Her Texas! The first statewide membership organization for female founders that live, work and do business in Texas.

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Welcome to the official community membership for female founders that live, work and do business in Texas. 


Whether you’ve been here in the state one week or 15 years, we want to help you navigate the state and make it easier for you to support and invest in the success and growth of other Texas women.

Membership includes:

  • Invitation-only professional development and education powered by our partner organizations
  • Intimate networking experiences hosted by members in your city
  • Automatic entry into the Her Texas Syndicate. Powered by Her Texas members, the Syndicate provides selected female founders in Texas with direct investment and marketing support. Each Her Texas member will have an opportunity to choose her level of investment.
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With our high startup growth, moderate cost of living, and absence of a corporate income tax, it’s no surprise that Texas is a growing home base for female founders.

BUT: Only about 79% of women-owned businesses in the region break even or ever turn a profit.

Access to deal flow, mentorship, education, and economic disparity continue to be challenges.

How do we grow forward..together?

Her Texas Statewide Membership Launching Soon!

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