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ROUND #3: The Social Chica Women-Owned Businesses

Say hello to some of the incredible women-owned businesses powering The Social Chica’s latest pop-up experience in Dallas.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Her Texas is thrilled to partner again with The Social Chica to shine a light on female entrepreneurs of color in North Texas. 


Luna Rose Boutique is woman-owned in Dallas

Founder: Luz Barbosa

My City: Royse City

Luna + Rose Boutique is a girls’ western clothing boutique. We offer quality, fashionable clothing for young chicas everywhere.
Small business owner Luz Barbosa in Texas
I started Luna + Rose to bring my Texas flare and Mexican roots together. I saw an opportunity to bring my spin on western wear clothing for young girls everywhere.

My Inspiration: My three daughters and son. I want to show them that with hard work and determination you can achieve your dreams.

What’s Next: Growing clientele and getting my name out there.


She's golden boutique in dallas, texas
Founder: Suzie Galvez
My City: Dallas
We are a Latina-owned online women’s clothing boutique. We carry boho chic, trendy styles and have a variety of jewelry and accessories available as well. We love styling pieces together and producing fun photoshoots to engage with our target customers and on social media. We are big about community; inspiring and supporting other women-owned businesses and try to create a sense of community through our instagram account.
Suzie Galvez is a Dallas female founder into fashion
My family is from El Salvador. Fashion and styling have always been a passion of mine. Owning my own boutique/clothing company was always a dream. I really started to pursue it in college, when I styled for a local boutique in my college town. I went on to create a fashion blog which allowed me to share fashion, inspirational quotes, and day-to-day blogging. After graduation, I moved back to Dallas and “adult life” took over! Fast forward a few years, the pandemic started and while working my full-time job, I started to wonder what did I have to lose by trying. So I worked on my ideas, researched how to start an online boutique, secured domains, etc. and after six months, She’s Golden Boutique was created. The name of my boutique was created to represent to all women because we all have a light in us that we can shine and share with others. 

My Inspiration: We pull inspiration from our own personal lives, our family and friends and the things currently happening in the world. Our desire is to connect with all women who are needing an extra boost of confidence or encouragement, so we want our designs to really feel personal and genuine.

What’s Next: We are currently working on opening our first showroom inside of a beauty bar. We hope to have it open by April 2022. Other goals for this year include growing our network of people, building relationships with our customers/potential customers and to remain true to what we do, how we interact and always share our thoughts on community and supporting other small businesses.


meet female founder Karen Juarez-Sigala

Founder: Karen Juarez-Sigala

My City: Grand Prairie

A year ago, my husband and I started our small business offering dulces enchilados, best known as chamoy-covered candy. We started with 13 original candies. Now, we offer around 25. We offer anywhere from candy to chamoy rim dips for drinks or a fruit snack to aguas frescas. We are currently expanding our small business and opening a concession trailer. We also provide catering services including party pack bags. Our target customers are candy lovers.
women entrepreneurs in texas
Owning our small business was a conversation that took place three years ago at a friend’s gathering. It had only been a conversation. With so much time on our hands because of Covid-19, we started working on what would become Pikosito Riko today. It took us eight months to come up with our flavor and now we get to share with all of you. 

My Inspiration: I think when you have the right people in your, they motivate and inspire you to become better. My husband and I inspire one another. We strive to be a power couple. Most people believe our business is a woman-owned business. However, in all reality is not just a HER, it’s US. He is what makes my crazy ideas a reality. We balance each other out in a way that make us who we are today! 

What’s Next: All we can hope for is to keep growing and to keep expanding. The sky is the limit.


workout wear for busy working women in dallas
Founder: Anette Morales

My City: Arlington

This brand is inspired my my mom and the hardworking immigrant woman that still finds the time to prioritize herself. I grew up working out a lot with my mom, but I felt like there was not enough representation of Latinas in the fitness world and much less so in the business world. As an immigrant, my mom worked so hard to provide for us, but even then, she always taught me the importance of taking care of myself. I believe women in this generation believe a lot more in self care and are always on the go about their business, just like my mother.
So, this brand is for that modern woman. Navani is an affordable, quality and multifunctional fitness brand for the modern woman. The thing I love most about Navani is its simplicity and how just a shift in mindset can empower women. Our pieces are all are so flattering and you can dress them up with anything. Just don’t forget to hit up the gym afterwards!
Navani Luxe wants to empower women and bring out that fierce side that is inside all of us! I want to inspire women to take a risk for their dreams no matter how hard it might seem at first.
anette morales is passionate about her small business


My Inspiration: Alphalete and Lululemon for quality!

What’s Next: I would like to introduce two more collections of sets and grow my following.


meet small business owner Niticha Ward
Founder: Niticha Ward
My City: I live in Arlington and work in Fort Worth.
Kandy Coated Events is a custom treat maker. I offer customized sweets and treats for any of your special occasions. This includes weddings, birthdays, bridal and baby showers or “just because” curated treat boxes. My customer is anyone looking for something more than just your traditional cake; something that not only looks amazing, but tastes just as good too.
dallas bakers are innovative
I am a self-taught dessert and treat maker. As a kid, I have always loved sweets and desserts, but actually, I come from a family that are cooks rather than dessert makers. So eventually, I learned to make desserts for myself and for family functions. In 2015, I started practicing custom cakes and eventually got good it. By this time, I was booking for all types of events. However after 3 years, I decided to stop baking because I still had a full-time job in the finance field and it was becoming too much to manage everything. When the pandemic hit, I was required to work even more hours at work so to maintain a sense of normalcy, I starting making treats and baking desserts for my kids again as well as for family. In 2021, as I created themed treats for my family’s events, I started to get inquiries from their friends which inspired me to get back into doing what I love and here I am now.

My Inspiration: Sprinkles Cupcakes founder Candace Nelson. I admired how she took something that has been around for a while (a cupcake) and turned into an empire. I can also honestly my daughters inspire me too. I want to leave a legacy and show my girls that you can manifest and create your own destiny. I want to teach and empower them to go after their goals and dreams. The best way to do this is leading by example. Not only do they help at my events, but they also help with making some of the treats. 

What’s Next: Creating more of a foundation for my brand. Continue to grow my business.

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