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ROUND #2: The Social Chica Women-Owned Businesses

Say hello to some of the incredible women-owned businesses powering The Social Chica’s latest pop-up experience in Dallas.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Her Texas is thrilled to partner again with The Social Chica to shine a light on female entrepreneurs of color in North Texas. 


Miss.Cheeks Bows & Turbans

Founder: Jasmine Gomez

My City: Dallas

Miss. Cheeks Bows & Turbans features adorable bows, turbans, topknots, scrunchies and headbands! We cater to not only babies, but adults too and even donate some of our products to cancer patients.
Miss.Cheeks Bows & Turbans
I am 24 years old and have a 3 year old daughter. She is the reason why Miss.Cheeks began. Who doesn’t want to put bows on their baby girl?!

My Inspiration: My daughter Nadia. When she grows up, I want her to know that I created this for her.

What’s Next: I would love for Miss.Cheeks to offer more than just bows for newborns; I want to create my pieces for little girls and women of all ages too.


Founders: Dezzy St. Jacobs and Erica Roberson
Our City: Dallas
We are a faith-based brand that aims to inspire women to wear declarations of encouragement and faith while still being trendy in our t-shirts. We’re proud to be a woman/minority-owned business that can empower other women of all ages and stages in life. Currently, we have short and long sleeve tees, along with a prayer journal with a matching pen.
2 Christian Chicks Dallas Entrepreneurs
We met in 2007 at a job we both worked at and later reconnected during our college years together. After both landing jobs at the same corporate office, daily meet-ups became necessary to get some laughter in. When our workload would become particularly crazy, Dezzy would say, “Jesus snatch it!” to calm her nerves. In the summer of 2015, we joked about starting our own business together during a grueling work week. After throwing around random ideas of what we could do, we decided to start a Christian based lifestyle brand.

Our Inspiration: We pull inspiration from our own personal lives, our family and friends, and the things currently happening in the world. Our desire is to connect with all women who are needing an extra boost of confidence or encouragement, so we want our designs to really feel personal and genuine.

What’s Next: We would love to take part in more pop ups and conferences as the year progresses so we can really connect with people, and explain how each design came to be. The more face to face opportunities we get as a brand, the better. We would also love to further expand into other merchandise options, and are working hard behind the scenes to make that happen!


Founder: Maria Sandoval

My City: Burleson/Arlington

Con Amor Coffee Co. is a mobile coffee bar that offers Latin-Inspired coffee drinks such as Dirty Horchata, ChocoFlan, Fresas Con Crema, Dulce de Leche, and Chocolate Abuelita. Our target customers are Latinos looking for a coffee drink that matches their sweet cravings growing up.
Con Amor Coffee Co.
I decided to open up a coffee business in order to share my passion for coffee and sweets; its the best of both worlds. I want the menu to seem familiar and to bring us Latinos back to a place where we feel at home en la casa de los Abuelitos. Where coffee is the center of all the chismes and the memories.

My Inspiration:The Latino culture influences the way this business is built. Specifically, the Chingonas in the entertainment industry like Salma Hayek, Selena, Eva Longoria, Frida Kahlo, Jennifer Lopez, Becky G, Karol G.;  the list goes on and on.

What’s Next: Eventually, I would like to either open up a coffee shop in either Arlington or Grand Prairie or build out a mobile coffee van and travel around the DFW selling delicioso Cafecito!


Founder: Erika Kalinowski

My City: Fort Worth

TwoFourSeven offers a wide array of styles and accessories to cater to all women. One of my many passions is fashion! I’ve always enjoyed putting together outfits and switching up styles. One day I thought to myself, if I could have my own business what would it be? A boutique instantly came to mind! I didn’t think it was feasible at the time, working a full time job, but I went for it anyways. It was the best decision I ever made. Now, I get to share my passion with women around the world. How awesome is that? Helping others look and feel their best, is the most rewarding part. Your purchase always makes a positive impact when shopping with us. A percentage of all proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations.


My Inspiration: My momma! She’s always instilled in me to go after whatever goals and dreams I have, no matter how big or small.

What’s Next: In 2022, I would love to build more of a brand awareness around TwoFourSeven.


Founder: Veronica Cisneros
My City: Plano
Dipped into Creating offers delicious home baked pastries and desserts! My target customers are people who have birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers and any event that needs a delightful treat. I create cupcakes, cake pops, cake jars, pies, truffles and more! I like to talk with my customers about their theme and incorporate it in their desserts.
During the pandemic I decided to focus more on my baking. Experimenting with different flavors, creating dessert’s and letting my creativity lead the way. I then decided to start an Instagram page to post all my creations, from there business started coming in! My family and local friends helped with spreading the word that there was a new baker in town!

My Inspiration: I see myself as an inspiration. Sometimes we forget where we started and where we are now. We are always asking ourselves “whats next” and forget to enjoy the place we are now that we once dreamed about. I am so proud of myself for keeping this going, from working my 8-5pm fulltime job to coming home and creating ideas for my next flash sale or planning my next vendor event. The creativity and ambition keeps growing stronger.

What’s Next:Since this is my first full year running this one women business I hope to stay ahead of the game. I’ve lived and learned from my mistakes and my triumphs. Can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for me.

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