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Social Chica Pop Up Woman Owned Businesses

ROUND #1: The Social Chica Women-Owned Businesses

Say hello to some of the incredible women-owned businesses powering The Social Chica’s latest pop-up experience in Dallas.

In honor of Women’s History Month, Her Texas is thrilled to partner again with The Social Chica to shine a light on female entrepreneurs of color in North Texas. 


Founder: Saria Hawkins-Banda

My City: CrowleySaria Hawkins Black female founder in Texas

Manifest Your Purpose is a luxury stationery and office accessories company for purpose driven women. Our target demographic is millennial women with a special focus on. Black women.
I’m an avid journaler and a huge nerd! I love planners and organizational tools so this business is an extension of me. Also, as a wife, mom, phD student, businesswoman and entrepreneur, the only way I survive is through proper time management. It is the reason I have such a passion for teaching other women how to plan with purpose.

My Inspiration: Courtney Adeyele, Founder/CEO, Mane Choice

What’s Next: Securing more wholesale deals and landing in a major retail store!


Eunice Martinez is a DFW based photographer
Founder: Eunice Martinez

My City: Dallas

I am a DFW lifestyle and wedding photographer. I specialize in grads/seniors, couples, weddings, family portraits, branding, maternity and special events.
latina photographer 8 moments photography
I started 8 Moments Photo in 2015. When the pandemic hit in 2020, it was when I told myself, “Okay let’s do this. Let’s make 8 Moments Photo more than just a hobby.” I love that I am able to capture memories for people that will last a lifetime. God is the center of my business and I move in His vision and purpose for people. I love to bring what others may say is nothing to something!

My Inspiration: My followers. If it wasn’t for them 8 Moments Photo wouldn’t be where it is today. Special thank you to them and my clients for keeping me busy and showing love in any possible way.

What’s Next: God willing, I would love to see myself as a full-time photographer.


Melissa Estrada, Social Chica

Founder: Melissa Estrada

My City: Dallas

The Wayfaring Latina aspires to encourage endless exploration through handmade jewelry pieces. All of the pieces are handmade in small batches and named after or inspired by places around the world. TWL is for the earring wearer who loves travel, has endless curiosity, and needs a bold piece to add to her wardrobe.
Melissa Estrada, Social Chica
I decided to start my business at the height of the pandemic when I needed something to distract me from my 9-5 job. I also love to travel. When I discovered clay jewelry-making it felt natural to me to combine both of my loves. It has been a fun ride ever since!

My Inspiration: The woman who feels creativity is living inside her, but doesn’t know how to let it out. I am inspired by travel and the world around me.

What’s Next: I would love to see my products in a brick and mortar shop.


scents and fire dallas
Founder: Monisha Edwards

My City: Dallas

Scent & Fire® is an eco-luxury fragrance brand that manufactures pure soy candles and other eco-conscious products for the Culture, Self-Care, and Mental Wellness. We utilize technology to enhance aromatic experiences through curated music playlists and sensory campaigns. Our products are hand-poured in small batches from domestically sourced raw and recycled materials. 
black female founder in Dallas, Scent and Fire
I established myself as a force in entrepreneurship early on, hitting the ground running by starting a clothing line while attending college to help pay my school fees at the age of 19. While attending Fresno State University, I, along with my best friend, became ambassadors on campus for major corporations including Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, and Red Bull. Upon graduation, I secure my dream job as a Marketing Director for an engineering firm. In 2016, I positioned myself as a brand strategist and started my own brand strategy and design agency, Truth Branding. After my father was shot and paralyzed in 2017, I was diagnosed with PTSD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and severe anxiety. I turned to aromatherapy healing practices to help alleviate my anxiety attacks and stress, which led to me mixing my own fragrances in wax. I then launched Scent & Fire in 2019.

My Inspiration: My father. He’s always been a superhero in my eyes, however, with him now being paralyzed and not being able to walk, his journey through the process thus far has been amazing. Seeing how strong he’s been over the past 4 years is very inspiring and he keeps me motivated. 

What’s Next: We are much more than wax and wicks. At scale, Scent & Fire will be the premier fragrance brand for the Culture, Self-Care, and Mental Wellness. I like to tell people that my brand will soon be a fragrance and wellness conglomerate!


Pressed by Perla
Founder: Perla Murillo
My City: Dallas
Pressed By Perla produces juices made with only fruits and vegetables and no added preservatives (cold pressed).
Pressed By Perla Dallas Woman Owned Business
I started my business during the pandemic because I was trying to lose weight. In 2020, I took orders online and then started doing pop ups and now two years later, I finally bought a store. Your purpose will come to you when you least expect it. Please remember to stay consistent and do not give up. Growth comes with battles, but stay close to God and you will achieve anything you set your mind to!

My Inspiration:My mom. I want to be successful and give my mom the world. I also want build a secure future for my kids so they can have everything I didn’t.

What’s Next: Have the grand opening in April 2022!

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