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Dallas event for women in 2022

SHARE THE LOVE: Dallas Galentine Luncheon 2022

Her Texas recently hosted our very first in-person event (ever!) with 70 of our closest new girlfriends at the beautiful and historic Alexander Mansion in Dallas.

The mission of the Love Yourself Luncheon was to celebrate Galentine’s Day, but more importantly, why 2022 is the year to put our wellness and self-care first


Dallas women luncheon

Pictured: Lyndsey Harper, Marissa Heyl, Katy Schilthuis


Upon checking in, attendees were invited to explore the mansion which was originally built in 1930 and remains one of the last original architectural structures from that time period on Ross Avenue.

Our emcee (and recent grad from SMU), Kayla Griffis, kicked off the festivities, which included lunch and informal networking.


SMU student emcees women's luncheon in Dallas

Kayla Griffis

women's networking in Dallas

Dallas women networking


One of the many reasons we love our community is how beautifully diverse it is. Representation matters, especially when it comes to accurately sharing the stories and perspectives of the women who live, work and do business here. We are committed to ensuring that all of our events, partnerships and content stay true to these values.


female founder in austin, texas


Before we began the program, we asked everyone to take a moment to write a brief Galentine-inspired love note to their 15-year-old selves.


dallas women talk about self-care


We wrote our heartfelt notes on beautiful cards created by seed vision + co whose mission is to make card giving more sustainable and honor love, beauty, and art. The cards were unique as they were perforated with a postcard on the left side. The founder, Dana Mohrman, has graciously offered a special code (LOVETX22) to use the next time you’re looking for a beautiful card.


wellness and self-care for women in Texas


Once everyone completed their notes, we collected all of the cards and distributed them randomly as the ladies exited the event. The goal was to share our love notes with one another to demonstrate that we all need a little love, no matter our age.

We then welcomed Her Texas founder Jasmin Brand to share the mission of the organization and the importance of supporting local women entrepreneurs. She gave a brief introduction to our special guest speaker, Dr. Lyndsey Harper who is also the founder of tech platform Rosy.


Jasmin Brand and Lyndsey Harper in Dallas, Texas


Rosy is a first-of-its-kind platform and resource to connect the 84 million women in the US with sexual problems with hope, community, and research-backed solutions to improve their lives.

Lyndsey is a steadfast champion for women’s health and especially the conversation surrounding sexual health and wellness. She shared a little bit of her entrepreneurial journey as a first-time tech entrepreneur, but she also used our time together to talk frankly and authentically about our bodies and why it’s so important to feel comfortable doing so.


Rosy Founder Lyndsey Harper, MD in Dallas


We also got an opportunity to meet her trusty sidekick (and puppet) Violet Vulva (yep, you read that correctly)!


Lyndsey Harper, founder, Rosy

Discussing sexual health with Lyndsey Harper


Lyndsey concluded with a Rosy-powered giveaway featuring your new best friend, Drift.


rosy sexual wellness for women in texas


We love Rosy and know you will too. Click here to download their app or check out their new wellness plans here.

The luncheon was deeply rooted in all things self-care and living our best lives this year, but we also wanted to take a moment to shine a light on four Dallas female founders too.

Our next giveaway featured items selected with love by these awesome entrepreneurs:

Megan Culp, Magnolia Fare Co.

Jackie Casiano, Wicks & Wonder Candle Co.

Jade Tinner, Pink Office Dallas

Claudia Vega, Whose Books



The giveaways continued thanks to entrepreneur, digital strategist and pro makeup artist Jenn Karsner who gifted one lucky lady with an incredible set from Seint Makeup.

Jenn Karsner giveaway Seint Cosmetics


We ended the luncheon with special love swag bags gifted to all who joined us for the day. Click here to check out all of the amazing brands that made the bags so sweet.The yummy sexy chocolates in the love swag were brought to you by Minxy founder Marissa Heyl, who invites you to join her for a series of sex positive workshops from Feb 26th through March 12. Use code HERTEXAS for a $35 discount on any of the workshops in the series. 


galentine luncheon in dallas


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our inaugural Dallas event! We hope to see you at another fun meeting headed your way on March 8th. And if you’re based in Dallas and looking to get more involved in Her Texas, join us for a Dallas Leadership call on 2/27 to learn how you can get plugged in.


women supporting women in dallas, texas


And stay tuned for the reveal of our next event city. Hint: we’ll be headed south…!


texas women networking


Stunning photos captured by Eunice Martinez, 8 Moments Photography

Balloon install provided by Laura Leon, Blow Up The Party

See all of the event photos here.

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