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The first ecosystem powered by Texas women

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Her Texas is a first-of-its-kind community for professional Texas women looking to navigate the state, connect and build something epic here.
Founded in 2019, Her Texas is an organization that was created to address the connectivity challenges faced by women that live, work and do business in the state of Texas.
Her Texas provides Texas women with the navigation, resources and connections needed to prosper and thrive no matter what her zip code is.
By creating a vibrant, integrated ecosystem, Her Texas is on a mission to ignite Texas’ economic and social capital statewide. It also sets the stage for Texas women to advance their personal and professional pursuits forward through the existence and support of other women.  
her texas texas women
At the heart of every state is innovation: the ability to create purposeful, strategic change that lives up to the region’s highest social and economic potential.

But in a hyperconnected world, innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It occurs when women connect and collaborate with one another in a broader ecosystem.

]For the first time ever, Texas women now have a meaningful way to connect with one another on their journey to prosper and thrive. 

How we do it

navigational tools designed to make it easier to network, connect, build and thrive

a content engine that shines a light on the people, places and news impacting working women in Texas

marketing partner for companies and organizations looking to connect with professional women

statewide media network featuring content creators and podcast hosts

Holistic, wellness driven support and investment for female founders

Her Texas
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For Texas Women. By Texas Women.