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Welcome to Her Texas! The first-female focused ecosystem for women that live, work and build epic things in Texas.

3824 Cedar Springs Road #254 Dallas, TX 75219


Founded in 2019, Her Texas is the first statewide organization created to address the connectivity challenges faced by women that live, work and do business in the state of Texas.

Our mission is powered by three core values:

her texas texas women

Navigate the State

Whether you're new to Texas or born and raised, we want to help you navigate the people, places and ideas that call this state home.

Her Texas Texas Women

Connect and Thrive

There is a sisterhood in Texas that has your back and wants to help you succeed. Together, we can do great things. You are not alone.

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Build Something Epic Here

We have everything we need in the state of Texas to build an incredible career and/or business. We're excited to show you how.

We recognize that Texas’ size is both a challenge and an opportunity. Greater collaboration, communication and community are needed now more than ever for professional women. Our growth as a state is dependent upon our capacity for connectivity.

For the first time ever, Texas women now have a meaningful way to connect with one another on their journey to prosper and strive.